DFSK Could be Everything You Have Been Dreaming about Getting a New Carr

  • Posted on June 20, 2018 at 11:14 am

Thinking about buying a new car? If so, you really should take a look at the list price of suv car. More precisely, you really need to check out on the price for a DFSK SUV. DFSK is a brand of SUV that comes with everything that you are looking for in a vehicle but at a competitive rate. See, this is not to say that you should go for something cheap. If you get the money, by all means, you can shoot for the stars. Even then, why would you spend so much for a car that comes with complete features when you can buy one that does not cost you an arm and a leg? This would be even greater for those who think that money is of grave importance. You know, you can save a lot more with DFSK without compromising the integrity of the car itself. The model has everything you want and it does not hurt your bank account. Now, it is easy to associate affordability with compromised comfort and safety—even more so when you take into account the fact that the SUV is made in China. With all due respect, products made in China are closely related to everything knock-off and of subpar quality. But we are not talking about a second-rate motorcycle brand or a cheaply made smartphone that steals the style of that one really famous cell phone brand from America here. No, we are talking about a car that is sure to make all other car makers in the world sit on the edge of their chair.

The DFSK Glory 580 is technically not a new invention. It has been launched for almost two years now but it only makes round recently. In addition to numerous awards the brand has received domestically, it has also been crowned as the best SUV in recent 2018 Indonesia International Motor Show.

The fact that the brand received such an honor in an international event goes to show just how capable it is of competing with other brands. This is exceptionally special considering that the event is held in Indonesia, where MPVs are still the reigning model in the market. This is also another thing that indicates that consumers’ attention has been shifted and the market (within China itself, in Indonesia, Asia, and on global level) is undergoing a dynamic change in terms of what people perceive as the most preferable option.

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