How I Achieved Maximum Success with Gamification

  • Posted on April 8, 2018 at 11:29 am

Why do Many Managers Prefer Gamification and Employee Engagement

Most of the people prefer gamification because of its objectivity. This is beneficial since it will involve transition to a more constant and automatic method of data collection. Some of the data that it will capture are; sales representative’s productivity rates, call center employees handling time, internal knowledge usage rates and many other things as well. As the manager, you will be mesmerized that what you thought were the actual figure is not the real thing that is happening on the ground. With this you should be prepared to receive many surprises as gamification will serve you with accurate data than the one you were doing before. Being that gamification will determine the path that your business it is important that you take it as a serious input.

Making the life of managers to be easy is one of the benefits of gamification. One of the reasons why it makes the managers work easier is its objectivity which allows the managers to see what their employees are producing without having some biased mind. This will help them in eliminating assumptions and guesswork. Assumed how happy and focused you will be when you discover that much of the data in the performance reviews are not objective.

Apart from that, it allows the employees to get feedback. This is considered beneficial since the employees will be in a position to receive constant, updated and automatic feedback. This is important as it will allow the employees to see how they are doing compared to other methods like a benchmark that they were using in the past. Thus why most of the managers love it since it allows them to see their actual performance and also to make some improvements in their productivity.

Also, it promotes recognition. Your employees will always be motivated if their work can be recognized besides their performance. One thing with gamification is that it will allow you to see the employee with good performance, the one who is improving and the one who is underperforming. Another thing is that it is automatically making it simple to use.

We also have mastery. You should know that gamification allows us to learn new things, and see how they are becoming easier and easier as the time goes. Making you realize that there is nothing challenging as you can do it with ease.

Most people prefer it since it motivates all. Gamification can cater for everyone needs in the organization by automatically generating data about them. Being that it can allow the employees to view feedback anytime they will get the opportunity to improve on the things that they are not doing better.

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