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  • Posted on March 29, 2018 at 3:04 pm

Important Information on Non-Recourse Stock Loans.

Normally, borrowers have to offer collateral to get funding when borrowing from banks and other financial institutions. Mostly, borrowers pledge homes or vehicles as common assets to get funding. Today, however, you can borrow against your stock. With StockLoan Solutions, therefore, you can easily assess funding by providing your stocks as collateral. The amount you get will, however, depend on some factors such as price, volatility as well as the number of shares.

For the borrower to get funding, the stock is used as the collateral. When the borrower is unable to repay the loan, he will only lose the stock for non recourse stock loans. When you want to get some capital, however, StockLoan Solutions can provide the money you need for to finance your project.

When non recourse stock loans come to an end, a borrower has certain options. One of the options is the borrower extending the loan. This will, however, happen if the lender allows the borrower to extend the loan for another fixed period of time. If the lender does not want to extend loan extended, the borrower receives the stock back. However, the borrower has to repay the loan in full to get the stock back.

When there is an upside increase in the stock value, the borrower may choose to cash in the profits. An upside profit is seen when the stock used as collateral increases in value such that the amount due including the interest is less than the value of the stock. In such a case, the borrower may opt for a cash payment on the profit.

On the other hand, borrowers of non recourse stock loans may also choose to walk away in case of downside losses on the stock. The loss arises when the pledged stock falls below the amount due on the loan. In such a case, the customer can simply walk away and the lender takes the stock. Once the borrower walks away, the lender will not have another means of recovering the money.

The Advantages of stock loans.

The borrower enjoys several benefits by getting StockLoan Solutions loan and pledging stock as collateral. One of the benefits is flexibility that comes with taking a stock loan. Basically, you can use the stock loan for various purposes. When you receive a stock loan you are not restricted to using it the way you want like when you take a mortgage. Another benefit of stock loans is that they are fast. The borrower receives the loan quickly within a few days. To get a stock loan at Stockloan Solution, you are required to transfer the stock as well as agree on loan terms.

When you want some funding, StockLoan Solutions is a good option for non recourse stock loans.

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