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  • Posted on September 24, 2017 at 11:49 am

Is Legalizing Marijuana Helpful? For the last century, it has been noted that marijuana has been illegalized in most places in the west coast. Even though marijuana has still not proven to cause any deaths, It can still harm the human body for it can cause lung disease and cancer. In line with the pockets of criminals in the United States, different drug cartels in South and Central America has been using marijuana as a source of profit. The increase in number of the laws which ease the criminality of buying, selling and using marijuana has been continuously increasing in most countries within the United States. There are now many states in America where purchasing and using marijuana is legal as long as you have a prescription from your doctor. However, this law has somewhat caused some problems to the society since some of the casual marijuana users have made it more possible for them to use marijuana regardless of the fact that it was never the intention on the lawmakers. Based on the article from Huffington post which is commonly known as the Canada’s Medical Marijuana System Overhaul Starts Tuesday, most people from Canada has already approved the major overhaul of how marijuana can be produced and obtained for its medical purposes for the country. Do you think it was a good thing to do?
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With regards to the medical use of marijuana in Canada, there are still some changes in production and distribution.
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Only a maximum of two individual producers can grow and supply marijuana based on the recent production and distribution system for marijuana in Canada. This means that pot-growing operations had to stay small, and ideally, no legally operating business could run a huge operation or become some sort of drug kingpin. There are already too many illegal producers who are involved in illegal distribution of marijuana. New legislation has been passed to overhaul the entire medical marijuana system in Canada, however, and the new regulations will nullify the licenses of these individual growers. It is important to pass the legislation because for sure, the big plantations and farms for medical marijuana will be the source of drug production for those drug kingpins. A person can already buy marijuana from a regulated, approved distribution business as long as he already has its prescription from his own doctor. Initially the drug will be more expensive than it currently sells for, but experts predict that the price will soon drop to almost half of its current price. However, there are also some factors that will greatly affect a country because of the implementation of legal marijuana. It is also questionable of how will this kind of implementation affects the country considering that most Canadians do not even use marijuana.

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