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6 Reasons to Make Safari Trips to Kenya

Planning a vacation to Africa but unsure of which country to go to? Looking for a family-friendly location with something for everybody? Well, Kenya is the place to be. Here are 6 wonderful reasons to tour Kenya.

Friendly people

Some of the friendliest folk in the world are in Kenya and you’ll feel welcome as soon as you land on Kenyan soil. You’ll meet lots of jovial people willing to help you move around, and the term “Jambo” will be used a lot around you.
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Weather conditions
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And as with the people, Kenya has great weather. As Kenya lies on the equator, her temperature is fairly constant all year. You don’t have to wear a jacket even during cold months unless you plan on climbing Mount Kenya.

Natural beauty

From the Great Rift Valley with hot springs and extinct volcanoes to snow-capped mountains, Kenya has an amazing natural beauty that’s particularly spectacular. Inland, you’ll see untouched forests, arid deserts and vast savannas and plains. Along the coast, you’ll meet breathtaking sandy beaches and have access to marvelous coral reefs.

Whether you decide to relax in the warm tropical sun, climb Mount Kenya, or swim in the blue warm Indian Ocean, you’ll see an unrivaled variety of splendor wherever you go. You can enjoy our culture, lifestyle and history, or take a tour to see the “Big Five” wildlife. There’s something for all in Kenya.

Adventure and fun

If you’re into adventure and fun, there’s no place like Kenya with its countless activities and locations that guarantee endless fun. It’s the world’s hub for active adventure holidays and animal safaris. You can enjoy wildlife safaris, mountain climbing, bird watching, hiking, fishing, water skiing, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, windsurfing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, golfing, mountain biking, sailing, snorkeling, and many more amazing activities.

The best wild animals

The whole of Africa is quite blessed, but to see some of the best wildlife and game drives you need to make your way to Kenya. She has the splendid Maasai Mara as well as lots of wonderful parks where you can easily see animals. Most people want to see the “Big 5”, but for true wildlife enthusiasts, all types of animals and birds can be seen easily.

Amazing food and accommodation

Most the accommodation in the country is family-oriented, and there’s an abundant choice of accommodation from luxury lodges to exclusive tented camps. Comfort is normally the priority in room design and there are safari tents placed far apart for privacy. With great cooks and a wide array of ethnic food, including the popular ugali and nyama choma, the amazing variety of buffets in most restaurants leaves you absolutely spoilt for choice.

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